SOLAMAGIC heating terrace radiator 2000 W

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The stronger alternative to SOLAMAGIC 1400. With 2000 watts of SOLAMAGIC 2000 has in equal... more
Product information "SOLAMAGIC heating terrace radiator 2000 W"

The stronger alternative to SOLAMAGIC 1400. With 2000 watts of SOLAMAGIC 2000 has in equal measures about 43% more power and is therefore particularly suitable for areas where a comfortable intense heat is required. For example, on the terrace, in the conservatory or in the hobby shop. For use on patios, seating for 6-8 people or a beer table set, this is the right Strahler.Die combination of high performance with very compact dimensions makes us you pronounce the SOLAMAGIC 2000 as our personal recommendation.

"no heating phase, heat is on power stock

" efficiency through targeted heat radiation

"the heat can not be blown by the wind

" easy installation

noise "and odorless

" 60% cost savings over comparable gas heating systems, 30% cost savings compared to conventional electric heating (consumption per hour only from 0.20 to 0.30 d after each electricity tariff)


" flexible positioning (wall / ceiling mounting, as well as a tripod)

"by stylish, compact design in any environment integrated < / p>

"Mediterranean flair by reddish light

" supreme Effektivi ty by the conversion of up to 92% of the energy employed in heat

"versatility inside and outside possible

" intensity infinitely adjustable (with heat controller)

" reliable - lamp life up to 5000 h

"environmentally friendly - No emission education or oxygen consumption

" clean - No pollution or noise from air and dust movement

What sets SOLAMAGIC® of conventional heating systems?

you get sensible heat immediately after switching thanks to new technology. This allows targeted and directed heat at 30% energy saving and safer, easier and more convenient to use.

How does SOLAMAGIC® and what do I mean by the "Golden Philips HeLeN Lampe"?

Philips HeLeN is the name for the infrared port. This warms like the sun directly the human body and not the air. The heat does not fly away.

How warm does the radiator and which surface is heated?

SOLAMAGIC® does not heat the air, but the heat has a direct effect on people. It is comparable to the heat radiation of the sun; in the shade is cooler than in the sun. SOLAMAGIC® ensures uniform heat distribution.

How do I install the heater?

SOLAMAGIC® can be quickly and easily mounted on the wall or on the stand without preparation. Connect to the power outlet and ready. The adjustable strap of the heater can be positioned.

Do I Disassemble SOLAMAGIC® in the rain and in the winter?

No. SOLAMAGIC® can remain outdoors in all weathers. The casing is made of weather-resistant aluminum and waterproof (marks TÜV-GS).

How hot is the case, I can burn me in it?

A special insulation cools the housing so that burn injuries are not possible. SOLAMAGIC® be mounted even in and on wood. The stainless steel mesh at the front protects against interference.

What is the life of the Philips HeLeN Lampe?

With typical use intensity, the lamp lasts up to 15 years at a constant heating power.

What are the operating costs of SOLAMAGIC®?

at a current price of 0.15 to 0.20 € / kWh, the operating costs of 0.21 to 0.28 € per hour operated ( 1,400 W). Thus, the SOLAMAGIC® heating lamp is cheaper than any comparable heating solutions.

fitted with 1 x 500 Watt HeLeN

within 8 days available

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